Capitol Engineering offers a range of flexible service contracts to meet our customers' needs.Whether you want your systems just looked at once a year or if you want every piece of equipment on your roof covered, we have a contract to fit your needs.

Key Benefits
  • Keep Heating and Air Conditioning equipment operating at peak efficiency.
  • Reduce possibility of expensive service calls.
  • Extend the life of you equipment.

Capitol Engineering's service technicians are some of the best trained in the industry. We are proud to say that not only have our technicians completed extensive training in the field of HVAC, but continue to expand their education in field related topics whenever possible. All of our technicians are certified by the DEP (EPA) for the handling of refrigerants.

Types of Contracts Available:

1. Mini-Contract:
This contract consists of two visits a year. All service calls during the year are on a time and materials basis.

2. Inspection Only:
This contract consists of four (4) visits a year and includes filter service, lube, and equipment inspection. All service calls are on a time and materials basis.

3. Inspection and Routine Maintenance:
This contract consists of four visits per year and provides routine maintenance procedures on each piece of equipment. List of procedures provided on request. All service calls are on a time and materials basis.

4. Labor Contract:
This contract covers labor for the seasonal inspections as well as service calls and repairs. All materials are billable.

5. Expanded Maintenance:
This contract includes the same labor benefits as the "Labor" contract, but includes covered repair parts.