In our pursuit of providing the highest quality and technically advanced services to our clients, we are now offering moni­toring of HVAC systems. This isn't just any monitoring system, this is a cellular based system that doesn't rely on land-line based communications. Much like a security system, this system will not be effected by power failures or failures of the phone system.

How does the system work? First a com­pact transceiver unit is installed near the unit/system to be monitored. The transceiver is powered from the unit it is serving, but also has a battery backup. The transceiver constantly monitors vari­ous inputs such as:

  • Loss of power
  • High pressure safeties
  • Low pressure safeties
  • High temperature limits
  • Low temperature limits
  • Loss of Air flow
  • Compressor power, etc.

If any of the programmed parameters are exceeded, an alarm is generated and sent out to the monitoring station. This alarm is then sent out in several different ways which are selectable. Delivery can be to pagers, fax, e-mail, PCS or telephone. The message sent will include what the alarm is, along with the make, model, and location of equipment.

Every 24 hours, the transmitter will send out a ''heartbeat" which will let the monitor know that both the transceiver and the system are operating normally and able to transmit. If no ''heartbeat" is received, an alarm will be sent. How can this monitoring service help you? Well, we expect to be calling you and telling you that there is a problem with the system and that a technician is on the way before you even know that there is a problem. In most cases, we are not receiving a service call until a space is too hot or cold. By this time, you are already uncomfortable or worse, are in jeopardy of crashing a computer room or freezing pipes due to boiler failure. With the transceiver, the minute something isn't right with your system, the alarm is sounded!!

How much is this going to cost? Sur­prisingly little, especially if compared to the possibility of lost revenue due to a computer room crash or damage caused by a heating system failure. There are several different transceivers available, depending on what you want to monitor, but the average transceiver will cost $952.00 plus tax and installa­tion. Installation will vary on the points to be monitored and location of transceiver in relation to equipment. The monitoring service will cost $360.00/year. An average system installation including the transceiver and first years monitor­ing should range between $3,000.00 and $4,000.00. We would be glad to visit your site and and discuss these systems in more detail with you. Do we think that every system should have one of these? While that would be nice, it is not realistic or feasible. We see these monitoring systems being used for computer/telephone rooms, boilers, and equipment serving special areas or areas that would cause loss of revenue if there was a system failure.